GPT-3 and Content Creation

Clubhouse meetup

Last week, I hosted a Clubhouse meetup on, “GPT-3 and Content Creation?” with a few other GPT-3/AI YouTube creators I admire like Techn0cratic (Sandra), Bram Adams, Olle Green, and Disruption Theory. All of us are creators who are passionate about GPT-3, innovation, futurism, creativity and more.

We had a really interesting conversation ranging from using GPT-3 as an aid in the writing process, brainstorming, the ethics of using GPT-3 created content, corporate GPT-3, poetry, and more.

I didn’t know the clubhouse event was being recorded, but it’s great that it was because the conversation was really fascinating and I learned a lot. You can listen to this intriguing discussion fully at the link below:

I’m sorry if you’re on android, I wish clubhouse wasn’t just iPhone only. I think it’s pretty discriminatory. Anyways, you can find me on there, my clubhouse handle is @bakztfuture. By following me, you’ll be notified in the future of any events I host or participate in.