GPT-3: Beyond chatbots and yo momma jokes

Clubhouse Event Tomorrow

As a follow up to a previous article I wrote titled, “Are we Wasting the Potential of GPT-3 and AI Technologies”. There was a lot of interesting discussion on Reddit and interesting feedback I got from people.

Since I published it, yesterday, I found out there was a Clubhouse event formulating on branching off some of the ideas it proposed. I asked to join the discussion and so I wanted to let you all know that I will also be hosting the event.

The Clubhouse event will be called GPT-3: Beyond chatbots and yo momma jokes and it is taking place at 11 AM EST or 8 AM PST.

My plan is to talk more about my original article in more detail, provide some context, seek some insights from others in the chat, talk about altruism and AI in general, as well as talk about upcoming pieces I have for this newsletter and the YouTube channel which are follow up pieces to it. I am still formulating these ideas but would love critical feedback from attendees as my concepts are still nascent and taking shape.

If you have access to Clubhouse, I would sincerely appreciate if you join us for the event. Please RSVP here.

Update: here's the audio from the event: