GPT-3 Memes

I recently posted on Reddit and the GPT-3 Slack group asking if anyone would be interested in kickstarting a GPT-3 Meme thread.

Here’s the one I created to start the discussion:

But other slack members like Frederik Bussler and James Lu came with the heat, here are some of my favourites they shared from the thread:

I wanted to share these not just because they are fun, but because they do demonstrate some larger growth of the GPT-3 ecosystem. Seeing people make memes about something as niche as GPT-3 shows it has meaning to them in their personal lives, specific ideas about a shared experience, and a need to share these ideas with others in the community. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but maybe these memes could also expand the reach of GPT-3 to users on the fringes, bringing new users in, which is an exciting thing.