GPT-3 Startups Lately Have Been 🔥

I don’t know what’s going on lately but I’m just seeing better GPT-3 based startups. I’m also seeing them … everywhere. I have come across many on Twitter but also even just browsing the web, I found an interesting one which was using GPT-3 that I had never heard of. More and more people are finding interesting use cases for it, things I never would have thought of, and including it in their application.

I don’t know what has changed - is the community is growing? Is the technical documentation better? Did they just watch my GPT-3 Naval video and become inspired (lol)? Are we doing a better job recruiting and reaching out to potential users? Or has OpenAI started just started accepting more GPT-3 commercialization pitches and giving these companies the approval they need to go into public beta? I don’t know what it is, but the quality of what I’m seeing startup-wise just over the past two months is really compelling.

I already made a video on some GPT-3 startups early this year:

But if I’m honest, most of the startups in this video are really a version one to what’s actually possible in this space. I felt significant progress over the past month or so innovation-wise in the GPT-3 world that is a higher caliber than what I shared in this video before.

Anyways, I’ll be making a follow up video shortly. I didn’t expect to have to do one so soon, but things really are improving at a fast rate. From the tweet below, you can see I’m even open to receiving twitter DM pitches for the next video for the time being: