GPT-3 vs. DALL-E Hype Cycle

As much as I love GPT-3, I am just as excited about DALL-E. I think a lot of people in the OpenAI community share the same excitement about it and are itching to get access to DALL-E when it comes out. If I dare say, maybe they are even more excited about DALL-E than GPT-3.

I recently ran a search on Google trends comparing the two:

and it appears they have had some overlap late last year. However, we are comparing two different hype cycles - GPT-3 is already out in private beta (with lots of press coverage) and DALL-E is likely still being tested internally at OpenAI. If a picture is worth a thousand words, will DALL-E have a thousand times more hype at a mainstream level than GPT-3?

I look forward to running this same google trends search in the future and will be sharing my findings with you all.