I miss the GPT-3 and Identity Series

If you don’t know, the GPT-3 and Identity series is this YouTube series I created exploring the intersection of human identity and GPT-3:

The first video is about how I used GPT-3 to generate tweets that sound like me and they were actually so good that it gave me an identity crisis. The follow up video is about a twitter account called GPT-3 Naval and how it started to make (a satirical version of) me question my relationship to Silicon Valley heroes like Naval Ravikant.

I’ve been so busy lately in my personal life, that I just haven’t had time to work on the GPT-3 and Identity series. Also, I’ve been working on my next series called, “GPT-X, DALL-E, and our Multimodal Future”. It’s about 20 mini-videos long and is a pretty ambitious project I want to release all at once.

The GPT-3 and Identity series is my favourite series to make and I really want to start working on the follow up videos for it. There is so much to explore from a technical, psychological, and philosophical level. What does GPT-3 mean for who we are? What does it say about us and where we’re headed? What parts of our existance are our own? Even though conceptually I can completely understand that everything I am is data - it’s really hard for me to come to terms with this fact.

The main realization I had today was that I would wager pretty much everybody using GPT-3, GPT-7, and AI tools in the future will have some kind of identity crisis. When AI can mimick us uncannily, have conversations, give us advice, and also take over parts of our work life, it is inevitable that we begin to question the nature of our own existance and our unique role in the universe. This is why I’m starting to realize that the GPT-3 and Identity series is actually so important.

It’s almost like having an existential crisis is a right of passage to becoming a GPT-3 developer or something … everybody goes through it and has to process it themselves in some sort of way. This may be a huge stretch of a thing for me to say, but I would love to connect with others to hear if GPT-3 confused them as well at some point about their own identity. The working concept I have is that I think the GPT-3 and Identity series has the potential to not only raise important questions about the human existance but also provide some kind of catharsis for future kinds of AI induced existential dread. Which is an important vector for my YouTube audience the more I think about it.

Anyways, the next installment in the series that I have planned will be about GPT-3 and Celebrity Culture. Once I get back to working on it, I will update you. Hopefully, there will be more updates on this to come.