My Latest Video: GPT-3 Confessional

Confessing my occasional, private use case for GPT-3

I just released my latest video:

I can’t tell you tell much about it, unfortunately, because that would be spoiling it.

However, as a result of some GPT-3 experiments I did early on last month, the video deals with the evolving nature of personality and human identity in an increasingly artificially intelligent, bot-driven world. What is real and what will humans classify as, “worthy”?

Who deserves the credit for works produced by AI? Even if an AI model like GPT-3 is heavily influenced by you and your existing work, do you still deserve any recognition for its creations?

Even though the experiment was completed early last month relatively quickly, I spent a fair amount of time creating this video. It’s my first approach to an, “essay style” episode with a different tone compared to the other videos found on my channel. I’m still new to making videos … it took a lot of time to write the script, get the audio production up to some sort of quality level, and summarize all the findings in about 5 minutes. The graphics and video transitions are also different from my usual style too.

If you have any feedback about anything, including the sound quality, grammatical errors, AI misconceptions, or future improvements please email me directly and let me know, so that I can get better. I’d love to hear and am very open to improving.