My Latest Video: Introducing GPT-3 Naval Ravikant

I’m really excited to announce I’ve just released my next video:

It’s about GPT-3 Naval, a Twitter account I’ve been following for months now which features tweets generated by GPT-3 which sound like tweets from Naval Ravikant.

… In my opinion, the tweets GPT-3 has come up with are quite compelling and often have that same clarity and “soul” Naval brings energy-wise to Twitter.

This video is a follow up to my last video, where I used GPT-3 on myself to generate tweets that sound like me, which later led to a whole identity crisis:

I’m turning both of these videos into something part of a larger series/youtube playlist on the topic of, “GPT-3 and Identity”.

The script is written as a satire where I play a highly exaggerated version of myself. In the script, I’m very much an anti-hero. To portray this, I got some help creating a self caricaturized version of myself. I wanted to elicit some kind of emotional and humourous reaction by creating a personified, stick-man version of my existing YouTube avatar:

… but don’t be fooled. The script may be a lot funnier and sillier than my usual scripts (with a few good one liners) but beneath the surface it has some pretty serious ideas that I hope you take away in your everyday life.

The video picks up where I last left off (dealing with my identity crisis) and introduces GPT-3 Naval. Then, it gives a background on Naval Ravikant himself; followed by talking about his significance on Twitter, especially for tech bros. In the second half of the video, it openly talks about how GPT-3 Naval grew to matter to me too, just like Naval used to mean to me on Twitter. Eventually, I resolve the overall crisis towards the end of the story.

This story is unique because at its center point is Naval Ravikant - who’s a real-life guy who is active on Twitter. He’s so central to the story, that you’ll eventually come across this 3D scene in the video which I had developed to articulate his importance:

I started working on this video in December of last year and it took some time to get all my ideas down and structured in a way that made sense. I’m proud of how this video combines so many interesting dimensions of society that I don’t think have ever formally been mixed together before. In the video, there is overlap between AI/GPT-3, peak Twitter culture, philosophical themes about human identity, Ancient Greek influences, startup bro culture, and modern influencer culture which even borderlines on idolatry. I’m proud because it’s truly something unique and different, that I hope is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The video raises significant questions. Primarily, how will we deal with AI mimicking our heroes and then starting to influence us in our everyday lives? How about replacing our heroes altogether?

I was so moved by the script, that I not only spent months creating it, but also brought help on board. I worked with Rekardo Thomas for the musical score, Chantal Yap for the detailed illustrations, and Jan Kopriva for the 3D animations. They are an incredible group of people who are dangerously talented. Most importantly, I noticed all of them really took the time to understand this really complex story I was trying to tell and helped me bring it to life. They are particularly impressive, because I also don’t think any of them knew about GPT-3 or Naval either but still went out of their way to understand all of these elements to help me tell this story.

I’m proud of the video, but I am kind of nervous too. It’s a serious departure from my usual style and definitely a lot sillier and more complex than my usual stuff, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It’s a really compelling story and I hope you take the time to share this experience with me. Thank you!