My Latest Video: Obfuscating Python Code with GPT-3

Pushing the boundaries of GPT-3's Code Writing Abilities

GPT-3 has shown to be able to write code, which is pretty impressive. But I wondered if I could take a it a step further and have it write code + obfuscate it as well. This obfuscation step just adds another layer of complexity for GPT-3’s predictions and pushes our own understanding of its boundaries and capabilities.

At the same time, humans struggle manually writing obfuscated code ourselves. It’s confusing to write code and then also re-write it to make it look even more confusing than it already is. So, in some sense, GPT-3 has the potential here to one-up humans in this way too, which is exciting to think about.

Although I had completed the research for this video way back in October of last year, my main inspiration for making this video is simply that I missed making more research-heavy videos like I used to do more often in the early days of my channel.

So, I brought back a classic research style video like my earlier videos, but with a new format which is more fun to watch (I hope). You can check it out below:

Making this video had me like:

This video was very challenging to make for various reasons, but the main reason was because I am still finding my own style for YouTube and artistic voice. I learned a lot about myself and what I want to do in 2021 while making this video.

Artistically, I really became obsessed with the colour yellow last October and tried to incorporate more of it in this video. I also took mild inspiration from some modern colour pallettes and minimialist Japanese design. I also incorporated influences from Tenet and an old British tv show called, “Utopia”.

I also decided to incorporate some light 3D animation via Blender, which at one point, led to this monstrosity at render time:

In any case, I’m happy with how the video turned out and I am excited to just release a fun and interesting thing to watch. Happy New Year. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!