My New GPT-3 Job Title: Prompt Whisperer

Startup job titles are always interesting.

If you're a marketer at a start-up, you may be called a Growth Hacker.

If you're good at statistics and data modeling, you role may be called a Data Scientist.

There's other titles too like Machine Learning Operations Engineer and Growth Engineer.

But what is the GPT-3 startup level equivalent? Today, I propose the new title of Prompt Whisperer.

It captures the essence of the role (sort of) while also being broad, edgy, and sounding startup-y. I will be changing my own job title shortly.

PS: please don't call anyone this. This is a joke. GPT-3 development is a real thing with serious career potential (and real world safety risks). Thx.

PPS: this has nothing to do with my last article which very thoughtfully questioned the title of the role itself and I felt raised important questions. I'll reiterate, this is just a joke and also specifically wrapped in a startup context.