New Video: Generating Press Releases with GPT-3

Yesterday, I put out a new video from some research/experimentation I worked on last July:

I miss publishing videos on my YouTube channel so much! Honestly, I’ve been really busy working on my next series for the channel, “GPT-X, DALL-E, and our Multimodal Future”. It’s a really ambitious project about 20 mini-videos long, so, I just haven’t had time to work on other videos.

This video is my favourite GPT-3 demo. It really is a mind blowing demonstration of GPT-3. Just with a headline, you can get a pretty impressive press release generated by GPT-3 which has real comparability to human written, professional ones. It is also just a fun thing to do when messing around in the GPT-3 playground! I love giving headlines that aren’t true just to gauge GPT-3’s creative abilities.

Below, I’ve included the headlines I gave to GPT-3 and the complete press releases it generated for me. I encourage you to read through the outputs and be critical, there are still a few logical consistencies. However, I would still say the press releases are of a really good quality.

Tesla Unveils 'Project Morpheus' Flying Car Capable of Reaching Fighter Jet Level Speeds

PALO ALTO, Calif. – In a surprise announcement at the E3 convention in Los Angeles today, tech billionaire Elon Musk unveiled what he called "Project Morpheus".
Hovering at a landing spot above the convention center, Musk discussed the newest endeavor of his company, Tesla Motors. "It's finally here. A glimpse into the future that we've all dreamed of, and for many, feared. Project Morpheus is a flying vehicle in which occupants can soar through the sky with amazing speed, efficiency, and maneuverability."
"With the recent F-35 failure and subsequent grounding, it's clear that air-based travel has come to a standstill. Soon, that will all change with Project Morpheus. That's the future I envision. Where cars will no longer be a necessity of transportation. Where air travel will finally be as safe and easy as riding a bike or driving your car today.
The past 30 years has brought about many new changes to the world. New technologies that have either enhanced our lives, or have proven to be disruptive to our everyday practices. Now, we are taking the world to a whole new level of excitement, an entire new dimension. With Project Morpheus, we will be able to see the world in a completely new way."
"Tesla is on the cutting edge of technology, and we're confident that this will pave the way to a more efficient way of living, without the need to burn fossil fuels."
Alesso said the business is already beginning to see interest from Fortune 500 companies. "We're speaking with a number of large organizations that are either in the middle of designing, or ready to begin construction of massive facilities and have expressed the desire to implement one of these projectors. We're trying to be respectful of their desires to remain private at this point. However, this new product demonstrates our continued commitment to our business partners to drive down the cost of projection and light-engine systems to enable widespread adoption."
Musk noted the project is still in an early prototype phase, but said it's "only a matter of time" until the technology becomes commercially available. He said it would be "easy to integrate into any building or structure that is already built, but will also be capable of being transported and integrated into a wide variety of mobile vehicles."
"This is just the beginning," said Musk. "We'll continue to make improvements and evolve this technology to a point where it's as simple and safe to use as [GPT-3 character limit reached here]

Kanye West Unveils New Music Based VR Social Network

PARAMUS, N.J., July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In the first major project of its kind, Kanye West's newly announced music-based VR social network is utilizing 5K HDR projectors in the venue. As a pioneer in the space, Kanye West's album release is one of the first major events to leverage Sony's cutting-edge SXRD-based immersive technology for this exciting new medium. In association with Sony's SXRD projectors, the new Kanye West social network is a fully immersive and real-time experience. The show is delivered with perfect clarity and detail, showcasing dynamic contrast of over 1000,000:1. As one of the brightest projectors in its class, the SXRD model delivers superior brightness (10,000 lumens) with HDR support. The social network offers 360 degrees of high resolution sound and real time video feed with ultra-low latency of <10 ms. "Kanye West is not only a visionary artist and a musical genius but also a leading proponent of immersive technology," said the technology's creator. "We worked tirelessly with him and his team to create a platform that would break all boundaries and we are confident it will be the wave of the future.

OpenAI Announces New Type of Language Model, GPT BAY-BEE, just for babies

PARAMUS, N.J., July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenAI, the non-profit artificial intelligence research company founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, today announced a new type of language model called GPT BAY-BEE. This new model is designed to help babies learn to speak as quickly as possible. The name stands for "Generative Pre-Training Bayesian Embedding Engine".
"We've been working on this project for several years," said OpenAI researcher Dr. Leslie Smith. "We started with an LSTM RNN that was pre-trained on ImageNet and then we added a Bayesian decoder based on work from our colleagues at Stanford."
"At first it didn't seem like it was going to work," said Dr. Smith. "But then we realized that if we used a Gaussian prior instead of a Laplace prior, the results were much better."
OpenAI plans to release GPT BAY-BEE as open source software in early 2021. In addition to helping babies learn to speak, they hope that the model will also be useful for training other types of neural networks for natural language processing tasks such as question answering and machine translation.