Thank you Peter!

In a previous post, I had raised questions and concerns I had about OpenAI’s waitlist and application process.

Well, I’m excited to share that OpenAI was quite responsive and immediately made themselves available to hear me out. Particularly, Peter Welinder and I had a very productive conversation where I raised suggestions around how the application process could be improved, more transparent, and be made more inclusive. Diversity, in particular, is something OpenAI deeply cares about too and wants to continue making meaningful contributions.

I raised these concerns on behalf of the community, based on conversations I’ve had with many interested GPT-3 developers on my Clubhouse, Twitter, YouTube, and Email. Many people have the same kinds of questions and so, I also shared those common questions as well to help relay informational gaps to OpenAI.

After our call, I can say with confidence that Peter and the team at OpenAI definitely care about these same things. To be fair, scaling safely is of critical concern, but I can assure you they are actively thinking about access and transparency as well.

I’m deeply excited to follow along with Peter and the GPT-3 team at OpenAI over the next few months as they continue scaling GPT-3 safely and building out the community.

If you have any further questions or feedback that you’d like me to share with OpenAI in the future, you’re welcome to hit me up on Twitter and I’ll do my best (from an unofficial capacity) to answer your question or relay your feedback.

Thank you again Peter!