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A little about me - I am just all around a creative guy with a heavy focus on technology. I’m really obsessed with societal advancement and the future - particularly creating a utopia. I am a pretty heavy futurist and technocrat, but also a capitalist.

Naturally, I’m really into GPT-3 (and large scale language models/AI) because of its ability to advance society in many important dimensions. The world is going to change rapidly this decade. Not only am I excited to contribute towards this acceleration, but I’m eager to share my findings publicly with you all.

In my newsletter and YouTube channel, I’m often sharing research, deeper ideas I’m thinking about, and updates on creative projects I’m doing. I also occasionally share tips and instructional content as well.

If you haven’t seen any of my videos before - that’s ok. Here are two videos which are pretty good representations of my work:

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