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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022

Totally agree! We need more positive stories of how tech may really help humanity, to counter-balance the evil robot movies heh (Terminator, Matrix, etc). Love this idea. I actually found "Her" to be kinda sweet but even that one can be sad and scary. I guess even The Matrix shows some pretty cool AR/VR type experiences, "gaming" with friends - like the martial arts training scene.

I think Asimov's "The Foundation" series and even some aspects of "Dune" are really appealing, like inter-stellar space travel and cures for diseases... and of course flying cars! :) I'd love to see some fan takes on short films for The Foundation, or future Dune since there are like 100 more stories in each series (though hopefully Villeneuve makes like 5 more films). The rights-holders should issue fan NFTs to give them film snippets and character rigs, let us make stuff in Unreal Engine 5.

Would love to see a tale of "The Metaverse" gone right, with a new worldwide community forming in infinite 3D settings like The Holodeck on Star Trek (or even the "Danger Room" in X-Men).

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