GPT-3 Jobs & Employees - a nascent, growing part of the economy

I recently ran a search on LinkedIn for people with “GPT-3” in their LinkedIn Profile and I got over 100+ results which was really exciting to see. I’m waiting for a moment where it’ll be very common to see individuals with job titles like “Prompt Designer”, “Prompt Workflow Manager”, and like I joked in the past “Prompt Whisperer”.

I continued this curiousity a little further and even found a few open job positions on indeed looking for people with experience in GPT-3. Either as writers or even as researchers with the goal of creating models like GPT-3.

I got goosebumps looking at the results. I feel like I’m looking at a microcasm of something which will only get much bigger and rapidly grow in size and demand. Enjoy these moments folks, we're witnessing something beautiful in its infancy, it’s only upwards on from here …