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Thanks for sharing, super awesome read! Especially love #14 :D

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Really good, thank you. I honestly don't like newsletters and usually unsubscribe after the first one but I read yours and I like it which is rare for me.

I still think that patents are a huge source of potential value. GPT-3 can't write patents but you could download and feed GPT-3 all the patents ever submitted to the patent office and how they were classified and whether or not they ever became granted patents.

This would be great for patent classification:




Patents are expensive and time-consuming both to file and to receive a grant. Technology that can reduce the probability of receiving a rejection by even 10% could potentially be a windfall worth millions of dollars for an IP law firm that has access to this technology.

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Thanks for an interesting article. Currently I'm on the Dalle beta test , and some of the results are amazingly beautiful. Just started to explore the gpt3.

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